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Best Welding Safety Glasses – Top 5 For 2021

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welding gogglesAlthough welding is so much fun, it can be dangerous. Aside from the heat that is produced and the sparks that fly around, welders are also exposed to electrical hazards, toxic fumes, and so on. Welders also need to safeguard their eyesight as the bright light from welding, when viewed with the naked eye, can cause blindness or other eye problems. To ensure that welders can safely work despite this bright light, they need to wear the best welding safety glasses. There are several types of these glasses on the market today, with each one claiming to be the best option. You might find it hard to choose the right product. To assist you, we have reviewed several of these products on the market today. From our testing and research, we have compiled this list of the 5 best welding safety glasses you can buy. We have also provided a buying guide to assist you.

Without further ado, let’s consider these 5 options.

Best Welding Safety Glasses

1. Titus Cup Type C Frame Industrial Quality Welding Goggles – Top Pick

As you weld, it is vital that you remain safe. The Titus industrial welding goggles do just that by keeping your eyes safe from damage.Titus Cup Type C Frame Industrial Quality Welding Goggles The welding glasses come with different types of lenses, with each lens offering you a different level of protection. There are many reasons why these goggles are so highly rated, and we will consider some of these reasons.

First of all, we found the aforementioned lenses quite easy to use and fix to the body of the goggles. If you discover that the shade isn’t good enough for use, all you need to do is to unscrew the ring where the lenses are placed, remove the lens you do not like, and replace it with the lens that offers better protection.

Aside from the ease of fixing the lenses, we also love these glasses because they feel very comfortable. The glasses come with a strap that can be adjusted until you get the right fit and level of comfort that you desire. From the ring to the bridge of the nose, almost all the parts of these goggles are customizable. Due to this design, you can wear them for long periods without feeling too uncomfortable.

As these goggles are industrial grade, you can wear them for a wide variety of applications. The lenses that are featured in these goggles are high 9, 11, and shade 14. Therefore, you can use these goggles for several things ranging from Carbon Arc welding to Plasma Arc welding. Click here to see the best price.


  • 4.8 ounces of weight
  • Shade #9,#11,#14 welding goggles
  • Glass material
  • It comes with different shades
  • The lenses can be replaced easily
  • Adjustable parts improve comfort
  • There are slots that still let light through

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2. Miller Electric Welding Goggles – Best Protection

The next product on our list is this highly recommended pair of welding glasses from Miller Electric. If you are conversant with welding and welding glasses, the chances are pretty high that you have heard about this company.Miller Electric Welding Goggles Miller Electric is renowned for the high quality of products that it produces, and this offering is no exception.

If you do plenty of welding in confined spaces, then we believe that you will love this option. It is sometimes referred to as the Weld Mask, which refers to the design of the glasses. It is built to cover the face completely. It even reminds us of a ski mask. Nevertheless, it feels super comfortable. Miller Electric added anti-fog technology which ensures that the lens does not fog up as you work. Additionally, since the design reaches even down to your face, it protects you from sparks from welding.

It features several other functions that make it quite efficient. If you wear glasses as you weld, you might find it hard to weld in this. Fortunately, the manufacturer has made it with a blank frame, which means that you can fit it with recommended lenses.

We love the ease of use we experienced while using these goggles. It comes with a control panel by the side, and we love the arrangement. The buttons are evenly spaced and easy to press. You can adjust the shade using these controls.

Additionally, these goggles serve to protect your cornea from the arc. We found them very versatile and highly recommend them. Click here to see the best price.


  • Adjustable shades
  • ABS frame material
  • Adjustable sensitivity
  • Glass lens material
  • 1.5 pounds of weight
  • Anti-fog finish
  • Offers UV protection
  • Comes in a “one size fits all” design
  • Protects the head and neck from sparks and debris
  • It can’t be worn with a helmet
  • Doesn’t offer enough protection from flash burning

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3. LINCOLN ELECTRIC CO Brazing Goggles – Most Durable

Are you looking for an option that protects your eyes from the bright light of welding as well as from dirt and debris? Then these goggles from Lincoln Electric are just right for you.LINCOLN ELECTRIC CO KH976 Brazing Goggles Although Lincoln Electric isn’t as popular as other brands on the market, we expect that to change as the company has repeatedly churned out excellent products that do their jobs well and stand the test of time.

These goggles are some of the most lightweight options that we tested. Therefore, they can be worn for several hours without feeling uncomfortable. One problem common to welding lenses is how the bridge of the nose tends to feel very uncomfortable. Thankfully, this option is built to feel very comfortable.

Aside from the comfort provided, another reason why these goggles are so highly rated is the protection offered. The goggles come with an IR5 lens, which we have tested and discovered to offer excellent protection. It comes with an impressive ventilation system that ensures that the glasses do not fog regardless of the working environment. The frame is made from ABS plastic which we found to be durable and retains its form despite bumps and falls.

It comes with a scratch-resistant lens as well that ensures you get a clear view of whatever project you are handling. Click here to see the best price.


  • Black/Green color
  • Adjustable strap
  • 0.8 ounces of weight
  • ANSI/ISEA compliant
  • Durable lenses and frame
  • Offers UV protection
  • Resistant to scratching
  • Comfortable to wear
  • It lacks side protection

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4. YESWELDER True Color Auto Darkening Welding Goggles – Best Auto-Darkening

The YESWELDER is another excellent choice that we strongly believe every welder will love. As the name implies, these welding goggles come with an auto-darkening feature. This feature is one of the main reasons why we love it.YESWELDER True Color Auto Darkening Welding Goggles It ensures that you do not have to bother with fiddling with settings and making adjustments as you weld. It thus saves you plenty of time and makes your work more enjoyable. Additionally, if you are tired of constantly inspecting the batteries of your goggles, you will also find this option to be great.

It is solar-powered, which means that you can work for extended periods without replacing the batteries. It is one of the most versatile options, at least in terms of its ability to switch shades. We observed that it could switch from #3 to #11, which allows you to use it for a wide variety of applications.

Another feature we love is the ‘True Color’ feature. Due to this feature, despite the tinted lenses, colors still appear as they are to the naked eye. Click here to see the best price.


  • 4.82 x 1.37” viewing size
  • True Color view
  • 7 ounces weight
  • Black color
  • CR2450 Battery
  • Automatic shade adjustments
  • True color
  • Excellent for confined working environment
  • Only good for light welding processes

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5. KwikSafety Welding Goggles Shade 5 – Most Versatile

Our last product on this list is one of the best-rated welding goggles on the market right now. It is great for DIYers and professionals alike since it is listed as a professional-grade option.KwikSafety Welding Goggles It proves true to this rating as it offers some of the best protection from UV rays. This particular model, as the name implies, has shade 5 lenses. It is a very versatile option that can be used for other things aside from welding.

Although it isn’t an auto-darkening welding goggle, it comes with a flip-up front panel that lets you change the lens from shaded to un-shaded in a jiffy. Hence, as you work, you don’t have to go through the stress of removing the glasses.

We found it super comfortable to wear and use.

It comes with a band at the rear that can be adjusted to a size that you feel comfortable with. Additionally, there are pressure equalizers and vents at the sides which prevent fogging and make you feel even more comfortable wearing the goggles.

With its unique blend of comfort, safety, and flexibility, you will be hard-pressed to find another welding glasses that are as great as these. One of the problems we experienced while testing different welding glasses is that many come without side guards not so with this model. The side guards ensure total protection and prevent UV rays from passing through. Click here to see the best price.


  • CE EN175 F Certified
  • Pressure equalizers
  • 4 ounces of weight
  • 6.6 x 5.2 x 3.4” dimensions
  • The flip-up front panel is convenient
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Big lenses offer excellent viewing angles
  • The nose bridge feels somewhat uncomfortable
  • Isn’t as durable as other options

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Buying Guide

Using eye goggles as you work is very important. Your eyes are very delicate, and eye injuries often tend to be permanent. Therefore, it is important that while you have fun welding, you also take the necessary precautions to ensure your safety. In selecting the best welding goggles, there are several factors that you have to strongly consider. In this section, we will consider some of these features as well as important information that you need to have before you make a buying choice.

What are welding goggles?

Welding goggles, as the name implies, are goggles that are worn during welding. It is a type of PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) that is meant to protect the eyes from the UV or infrared light, heat, and debris that result from welding.

Why are welding goggles important?

Well, welding is a dangerous occupation. It produces visible light, which, when viewed with the naked eye, can cause blindness or other forms of eye damage. Aside from the visible light, welding also produces invisible rays like UV and infrared rays that can be damaging to the eyes.

As a matter of fact, these rays might not immediately cause damage, but the effects would be felt years later.

Two main problems occur if a welder fails to wear welding glasses. These are photokeratitis and cataracts.


This is a painful eye condition that is also known among welders as arc eye. Although this condition isn’t permanent and can be corrected, it can affect your work. To cure it, you might have to stop working for several days, which will affect your project. 


If you fail to wear welding glasses, you are susceptible to cataracts. It can be corrected by surgery, which is expensive and, frankly, very uncomfortable.

To avoid these and other problems, it is wise to wear welding glasses.

Factors to consider

Now that we have seen how important it is to wear welding goggles. Let’s now consider some of the vital factors that will affect your choice of glasses.


Welding goggles come in a wide variety of styles. Take, for example, the products that we reviewed in this post. While they are all welding glasses, they come in different styles. There are options, like the KwikSafety Welding Goggles Shade 5, that comes with flip-up panels, while others come in a more traditional design.

Thus, you have to consider a style that you like, and that feels comfortable. We observed that the flip-up models are some of the most convenient to use, especially if you are working on other projects aside from welding. They are very versatile and easy to use.

Shade Number

If you aren’t an experienced welder, you might not understand why this is an important feature. However, any welder worth their salt recognizes that this is one of the first things to look out for when choosing welding glasses.

Lens shade number ranges from 3 to 14. The higher the number, the darker the shade on display. Since your welding might involve different brightness ranges, you will need to choose glasses that will suit the brightness produced.

If you are soldering, the brightness produced isn’t very much, hence you might be fine with a lens shade number of 3. However, if you are working on more advanced welding processes that produce more visible light, you should look for a lens shade number in the 8-14 range.


If you are not comfortable with what you are wearing, it will definitely affect the success of the project at hand.

Remember as well, that you might be wearing these glasses for extended periods. Hence, comfort is vital. One feature that we have found to greatly increase comfort is rubber-tipped nose bridges. Look for this and similar features when buying your next welding goggles.


The material of the lens, as well as the frame, will determine how long it will last. Hence, if you do not fancy buying a pair of glasses every month, you should look for goggles made from high quality, durable materials. These materials should be resistant to scratching and impacts.

Furthermore, since welding produces quite a large amount of heat, you should ensure that the materials are resistant to heat as well.


This factor is closely associated with comfort. However, it goes beyond just feeling comfortable in the glasses. As earlier pointed out, welding produces a fair amount of heat. Hence, you might end up sweating. Accumulation of sweat might make you feel uncomfortable and might cause fogging. By having a well-ventilated pair of welding goggles, you will not feel uncomfortable nor will you have fogged lenses.  


Do Safety glasses protect from welding flash?

Yes, they do! However, the level of protection offered depends on the model of the glasses and the shade. If your project is one that produces plenty of flashes, you should seek out a pair of goggles specially dedicated to protecting you from welding flash.

What shade is safe for welding?

Well, it depends on the type of welding you are doing. If you are just soldering, you will find shade 3 or similar low shades to be efficient. However, for heavy-duty welding processes like MIG and TIG welding that produce plenty of visible light, you would require lens shade 8 and above.

Can you weld with shade 5 glasses?

Yes, you can. Before choosing a shade 5 pair of glasses, though, you must ensure that the light produced isn’t extremely bright. If it is, then you would have to opt for darker shades

What do welding shade numbers mean?

These numbers refer to the darkness of the lens. A lens with shade number 14 will be much darker than a lens with shade number 3.


It might be somewhat tedious finding the best welding safety glasses, but by reading this post, we believe that you will be better equipped to make a wise buying decision.

Best Selling Welding Goggles

Bestseller No. 1
AES Industries #5 Shade Black Safety Welding Cup Goggles - 50mm Dual Lens Eye Cup
  • Fully customizable and extremely easy to modify for costumes and props!
  • Perfect base for any Steampunk goggle modification.
Bestseller No. 2
Skeleteen Steampunk Goggles Costume Accessories - Cyber Victorian Welding Glasses - 1 Piece
  • Skeleteen Steam Punk Glasses are the ideal costume accessory for Halloween or every day dress up.
  • The goggles are 5" wide. Each lens is 2". Features a 12" adjustable rubber strap to fit adults and kids.
Bestseller No. 3
Yescom Portable Weld Torch Tank Kit Twin Tote Oxygen Acetylene Oxy Cutting Brazing Welding Goggles DOT
  • Portable Design - All in one portable design for convenient carrying
  • Various Use - For iron or steel welding, brazing, cuttin, bending and forming
SaleBestseller No. 4
YESWELDER True Color Auto Darkening Welding Goggles,Wide Shade Range 4/5-9/9-13 with Grinding, Welding Glasses Welder Mask Welding Helmet for TIG MIG ARC Plasma Cut
  • Great For TIG MIG MMA, Plasma Applications with Grinding Feature
  • Viewing Size 4.82 x 1.37 inch with 2 Premium Sensors
Bestseller No. 5
Holulo Auto Darkening Welding Goggles with Clear Inner Lenses Welding Helmet Solar Welder Eyes Glasses Flip Up Lens Eye Protection (Dark Green)
  • 💣[ Material ] -This solar auto darkening welding goggle is made of high quality PP + ABS material, sturdy and durable to use,Designed with imported soft rubber, very comfortable to wear for long time.
  • 💣[ Detial ] -Provides 99.9-Percent UV-AB protection and meets ANSI Z87.1 safety standards,Automatic dimming, switching time from light to dark: 1/25000s, high-sensitivity probes work efficiently.3-11 shade, 100% reflection of all UV and IR.

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