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5 Best Welding Carts with Reviews and a Buyers Guide

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Welding carts are an essential tool for welders. They provide a place for your materials so that they don’t get lost and will always be within arm’s reach when you need them. Welding carts also help organize your workspace and make it easier to quickly set up and put away projects as needed.

The best welding carts are mobile, built sturdy, and have a place to wrap your cables. They also provide you with storage for hand tools and a way of securing gas cylinders so that everything stays where it belongs. A cart can be an invaluable tool in keeping all of your welding equipment secure.

Wondering why you need to buy a welding cart when you can easily make one? Buying a welding cart over making one may save you some bucks and will save you time. Plus, you can order one to fit your exact needs.

So, you’re looking for a welding cart? Excellent. You’ve come to the right place. This guide will help make your decision easy by giving an overview of all that is available and what features are essential.

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Best Welding Carts of 2021

1.    Hot Max WC100 – Best Heavy-Duty Carts

This welding cart comes with solid steel construction and has a durable finish. Therefore, it is going to last for a long time. It is the best welding cart if you want a heavy-duty unit. It conveniently fits most Plasma and MIG welders.

Apart from that, it features a handle that will not get in your way when you are using your cart. There is an additional storage tray that allows you to place your equipment and accessories.

This cart also comes with safety chains that you can use to shift your gas tanks and prevent them from rolling out.

Its dimensions are 30-inch x 15-inch x 6-inch, and it weighs around 35 pounds. This cart also comes with a 1-year warranty from the manufacturer.


  • This welding cart is made of durable steel and has a robust finish.
  • It features a handle that does not get in the way of your leads or your handle while you are performing your jobs.
  • It features an additional storage tray that you can use to place with your accessories.
  • Safety chains are there to hold your tank in place.
  • It can conveniently fit most plasma and MIG units.


  • The assembly instructions could have been better.

2.    Aain Universal – Best TIG Welding Cart

Aain is the best TIG welding cart with durable wheels, and you can conveniently use it for your MIG welders. You might notice that its laid capacity is only 110 lbs, so it does not hold much weight on it. Therefore, if you are looking to place only a few tools you need the most, this is the right option.

This cart also features heavy-duty construction with a durable finish. The cart also comes with switch PVC wheels covered with black powder coating to resist corrosion, rusting, and abrasion.

There are two tiers on this cart, and they both have plenty of space. The platform is pretty stable, and you can conveniently maneuver your cart around with ease. Its dimensions are 31.7-inch x 16.5-inch x 19.7-inch.

Two front wheels allow you to rotate your cart 360 degrees with ease. Though this cart is best suited for TIG welding, you can use it for MIG, ARC, and plasma cutting too. So it is a pretty versatile welding cart.


  • Excellent value for money.
  • Features four wheels for convenient maneuvering.
  • 2-tier design simplified storage management.
  • Heavy-duty steel construction to resist corrosion and rusting.
  • Rolls smoothly on large PVC wheels.


  • This welding cart does not feature plenty of space.

3.    Klutch Welding Cart – Best MIG Welding Cart

This welding cart comes with a dual-tier design, and there is a locking cabinet too. The dimensions of this unit are 27¼-inch x 18¾-inch x 35¾-inch, so it is still a cart that has a compact design.

A cylinder rack holds your gas tank in place, the front two wheels are straightforward to swivel, and they allow you to maneuver your cat conveniently. The heavy-duty rear wheels can take up load conveniently. These wheels are made of hard rubber, and they are not going to wear out quickly.

There are four different sets of cable wraps that come with this cart. And they allow you to keep the cables safely tied up to organize your workplace. Moreover, a lockable cabinet will enable you to keep your accessories safe within it and lock them away. It will allow you to keep your tools safe at all times.


  • This cart features a lockable cabinet.
  • Four durable rubber wheels will not wear out.
  • The cart is made of durable steel to last for a long time.
  • There are cord holders in place to keep your work area wire-free.
  • The cylinder rack at the rear end will hold your gas tank in place.


  • Not enough space is there to place heavier tools.

4.    Jegs Welding Cart – Best Welding Cart with Drawers

The dimensions of this welding cart are 33½-inch x 18½-inch x 33-inch, and it comes with a black powder-coated finish. With this finish, the cart is going to last for a long time to come. Moreover, it is not going to corrode or rust even in most conditions.

This unit can hold most welders, and there is enough storage space to store your welding tools. Besides that, there are ample storage drawers on this welding cart, and you can keep your supplies conveniently safe and organized. Plus, there are four smooth-rolling wheels present on this welding cart. Therefore, you can easily maneuver and control your welding cart while moving it.

There are three smooth gliding drawers and a lower cabinet. Moreover, there is a rack for you to parcel your gas tank. This cart comes with plenty of storage space.


  • There are three drawers and a cabinet on this cart.
  • There is a rack for you to place your gas tank.
  • It can hold most welders in place.
  • The cart has a black powdered-coated finish to resist rust and corrosion.
  • 4-wheels allow you to move your cart comfortably.


  • You have to use the drawers in an organized manner to keep everything tidy in them.

5.    Eastwood Welding Cart – Best No-Wheel Welding Cart

The Eastwood durable welding cart comes with a no-wheel design. Therefore, if you are looking for such a design and do not wish your cat to move from one place, this is the right option for you.

It also means that this cart will hold its place, and you can use it for a variety of welding projects without having to worry that it will move under your hands. It is petty a durable unit and comes with four lockable drawers. You can use these drawers to place your consumables and other tools or accessories.


  • Features four lockable drawers.
  • Robust design.
  • Handles stiff welding jobs pretty well.
  • Suitable for workshops.


  • Non-moveable design.

Buying Guide

Here are some integral features that you must consider before buying the best welding carts.

Weight capacity

Most of the welding tools are pretty heavy. Therefore, you need to look for a welding cart that can handle the combined weight of their tools. Most of these welding carts can conveniently handle up to 150 lbs which is fair enough for most applications. But if you want to go for a cart for heavy-duty usage, look for carts that can support up to 1200 lbs.


Besides handling those heavy tools, welding carts must also come with different storage sections and tiers to conveniently organize your items. Look for carts that come with multiple tiers. Most of the models will have three levels, but some models will have more than three tiers. Just look for the one based on your requirements.


If you have decided to go for a 3-tier model, different parts will have different footprints. And 3-tiers does not mean that it will be a standard size, so you need to consider the dimensions of these carts. For example, a cart measuring 30 x 20 x 40 inches will have more space than a 20 x 15 x 25 one. So consider the overall size together with the storage.

Why are Welding Carts Angled?

You will notice that these welding carts always have an angled top shelf. No, this is not a design flaw that they have. Instead, the angle is there to promote the reachability and visibility of all your welding controls.

It is there to make your welding job much more manageable. It just prevents any parallax. This angle is around 10 degrees. Another purpose that it serves is to allow any drink to drain out at the back in case you spill it.


The best welding cart of 2021 is the Hot Max WC100. It is made of steel and comes with heavy-duty construction. As a result, it can take plenty of loads, and you can covalently place your tools to access them while working conveniently. It also features durable wheels so you can move it around comfortably.

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