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5 Best Cutting Torch Kits: Plus a buying guide.

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Cutting Torch Kit

When cutting or thermally welding metal parts, the most useful element in these applications is undoubtedly the cutting torch. What you need is a part that is shaped like a pipe and also designates the quickest and easiest cut. This straw tube is the ideal tool that can both make a cut and provide a lit torch without the need for a power supply.

If you are experienced, professional, or even an individual that is passionate about DIY tools, you will need this tool. However, note that it is a tool that can be complicated or dangerous to use. It is necessary to know how to adjust the bars of oxygen and acetylene. A flammable material must not surround you; otherwise, you risk a spontaneous explosion.

In addition, for a cutting or welding job to be of good quality and efficient, it is essential, to choose the best cutting torch. In this article, we’ll take a look at the 5 best cutting torch kits, and we will also see how to choose the best torch that exactly meets your expectations.

Best Cutting Torch Kits

1. Victor Technologies Medalist 250 Cutting Torch Kit – Best Medium Duty Torch

Victor Technologies Medalist 250 Cutting Torch Kit

The Victor Technologies cutting torch can cut up to 1/2 inche and welds up to 5/64 inches. It can be used by home hobbyists or for light industrial work.  The Medalist 250 is a medium-duty industrial unit.

The key difference with this one compared to other models in Victor’s range of torches is that it’s for somebody who doesn’t want to spend the money on a Journeyman kit. You can step a little bit down for the Medalist 250 for an under $230 price.

The main differences between the Journeyman and the Medallist are you don’t get a heating attachment. There are not as many brazing tips. It doesn’t have built-in flashbacks, and you don’t get the edge 2.0 regulator series.

We have two gas services.  The first one is for propane, and the other is for acetylene. There’s a third kit out there for a CGA 302.

The kit includes a new WH411C cutting torch handle for a great grip that is ergonomic. The handle is made from high-strength steel alloy and is more durable than standard brass handles.

With the Medalist, the whole kit itself, including the torch and regulators, has a seven-year warranty. Click here to see the best price.

Key Features

  • Check valves built-in for safety
  • Handle made of high-strength steel alloy
  • Medium duty cutter
  • Includes soft-sided goggles
  • Handle very ergonomic
  • 7-year warranty
  • Handle built with durable alloy
  • Great for DIY and amateur metal workers
  • It won’t work for smaller tanks
  • Doesn’t work on propane

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2. ZenStyle Oxygen & Acetylene Gas Cutting Torch Kit – Best Heavy-Duty Torch

ZenStyle Oxygen & Acetylene Gas Cutting Torch

Are you looking for a high-performance torch at an affordable price? The ZenStyle Oxygen and Acetylene gas torch set is a very powerful and reliable tool that is also characterized by a professional adjustment. You will find it easy to put in your transport frames.

Made from heavy-duty materials, the oxygen and acetylene torch kit allow you to cut up to 6 inches and weld up to 1/2 inches with the appropriate tips. It includes a full 2½ inch high-capacity regulator.

In addition, it comes with glasses, a wrench, nozzles and a spark lighter, and welding accessories. The gas torch is easy to use and simple to apply. In other words, you do not have to be a professional to carry out its application; you just need to know a few basics and the steps to perform. This welding device also has reduced dimensions which can be suitable for highly professional welding.

It’s suitable for a professional, amateur, or private handyman. Moreover, this tool is intended for those who seek a perfect and flawless result and who want to achieve a perfect weld that is easy and flexible to use.

Thanks to its high speed, you will achieve a satisfactory and fast result—high performance for its high light quality and weight. Click here to see the best price.

Key Features

  • Oxygen and acetylene gas torch
  • Includes protective glasses
  • Comes with a storage case
  • Dual scale gauges
  • Good engine power and great speed
  • A reduced dimension
  • An elegant metal container
  • Supplied with accessories
  • Versatile for a wide range of use
  • Ideal for amateurs and advanced users
  • Hoses not long enough

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3. Stark Gas Welding & Cutting Torch Kit – Best Versatile Torch Kit

Stark Gas Welding & Cutting Torch Kit

The Stark Gas Welding and Cutting Kit is a toolset that can be used by DIY enthusiasts who are interested in homework.

It’s a tool with a high welding capacity. The flame temperature and working temperature are high, can go up to around 3100 degrees celsius.

This tool is intended above all for professionals as it is characterized by professional welding. In addition, the price of this tool is very low compared to the previous models we reviewed.

The hoses and nozzles deliver great power. Ideal for amateur and professional metal workers, the torch excels when it comes to cutting or welding.

This tool offers great precision, and therefore the result of your cutting application will also be optimal and flawless. Likewise, thanks to its soft start, you can achieve a precise and clean weld in a short time.

It can cut with depth up to 6 inches. It also can braze or weld up to 1/2 inches with the right tips. The torch uses gas and oxygen fuel, and you can use it for rivet cutting, welding, soldering, brazing, and heating metal.

The regulators are single-stage and have check valves that can make reverse flows. The body is made of brass, offering durability and great strength.

Overall, it’s a must-have tool, whether for beginners or pros. Thanks to its efficiency and high quality, you will undoubtedly achieve a result that suits your needs. Click here to see the best price.

Key Features

  • For rivet cutting, welding, soldering, and brazing
  • Cutting depth up to 6 inches
  • Can weld up to 1/2 inches
  • Torch handle and valve made of brass
  • A very affordable price
  • Good performance and quality
  • Fast speed and great precision
  • For versatile use
  • Suitable for  amateurs and professionals
  • Cannot fit small acetylene bottles

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4. Genuine Victor Torch Kit Cutting Set – Best Hobby Kit

Genuine Victor Torch Kit Cutting Set

This is a medium-duty torch kit that can be deployed for everyday use. Its control valves are positioned so that they are easily accessible, even when heating or welding. In addition, it is very ergonomic equipment; it has a self-locking trigger that gives you more comfort while working with this torch.

The innovative side of this device is the possibility that its head offers to mix oxygen and acetylene. As you can see, its characteristics have been carefully tailored to your requirements. Its weight (of 3.8 pounds) is ideal for long-term work; its dimensions are optimal for easy storage. The kit includes protective glasses but doesn’t come with a storage case. So, you may need to get one if you are a professional who travels a lot.

This cutting and welding device is also very affordable. Despite its very affordable purchase price, we can assure you that it is a very effective tool.

The toolset includes a torch handle integrated with check valves, a cutting attachment, a cutting tip, and a brazing tip. Click here to see the best price.

Key Features

  • WH411C Torch Handle
  • Check valves built-in
  • Includes cutting and brazing tip
  • Includes a pair of protective goggles
  • Great gas mixture
  • Perfect ergonomics
  • Lightweight construction
  • Doesn’t include a storage case
  • Great price
  • No storage case

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5. Hobart 770502 Medium Duty Oxy-Acetylene Kit – The Most Complete Kit

Hobart 770502 Medium Duty Oxy-Acetylene Kit

The Hobart 770502 is medium-duty oxygen and acetylene kit with nozzles for cutting and welding metal. The nozzles are compact, light, and easy to handle. We highly recommend this if you need a welding or heating device to carry out any work on your metal tools. It’s two regulators are suitable for all types of gases, such as propane, butane, oxygen, and acetylene.

This equipment has an incomparable economic dimension. It has a stainless steel lance that guarantees long-term use.

A multipurpose tool kit, the plasma-type cutter is perfect for welding and cutting. It is made to be used with acetylene gas, but you can also use it with propane. All you need to do is change the tips to propane tips.

The kit is a medium-duty set, but it’s versatile and economical. It comes attached with a user manual. The Hobart toolset includes features that you usually see in expensive cutting torch kits. It’s perfect for a lot of applications on the farm, ranch, automotive works, refrigeration, and for hobby uses. Click here to see the best price.

Key Features

  • Designed for acetylene and oxygen gas
  • Tips can be changed
  • Can cut up to 6 inches
  • Can weld up to 1/2 inches
  • Includes backflows preventers
  • Great value for money
  • Lightweight and comfortable nozzles
  • Easy to handle
  • Built for multipurpose use
  • Includes a user manual
  • Hose too stiff and can crack

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Buying Guide

A cutting torch kit contains various accessories useful for welding and cutting. The kit usually includes an oxygen pressure regulator, an acetylene pressure regulator, a set of individual or twin hoses, a set of ARPF flame arrestor fittings, one or more welding torches, and their spare parts (nozzles), filler metal in rods, and a cutting torch. In this purchase guide, we will see what to consider while choosing a cutting torch and answer a few frequently asked questions.

Torch Handle

The torch handle should not just be as light as possible; it should be durable and ergonomic to hold. A good torch handle must have a set of flashback arrestors integrated. The arrestors serve security purposes and prevent flashback flames from returning into the pipe. If not found in the handle, the flashback arrestors must be between the regular and torch handle.

The device must also have built-in check valves. These are also safety equipment found on torches for preventing gas backflow into the gas hose.

Nozzles placed at the end of the torch are interchangeable. They are used to refine the heating power according to the welding to be carried out. The nozzles are generally available on star-shaped support, the center of which is an Allen key used to disassemble the nozzle.


The energy is supplied by a dual-gas station: an acetylene cylinder dissolved at 17 bars, a brown cone, and an oxygen cylinder inflated to 195 bars, a white cone, under high pressure.

To weld with a torch, the pressure necessary for proper operation is 1.5 bars for oxygen and 0.5 bars for acetylene.

To switch from the high pressure of the gas containers to the pressure required for welding or cutting, a specific pressure regulator is fitted to the outlet valve for each fluid. This device is made up of two manometers, one indicating the upstream pressure of the gas cylinder and the other the downstream pressure (towards the torch). A screw regulator makes it possible to refine the operating pressure of the fluid. This assembly supplies the torch utilizing flexible hoses and fire protection fittings.

These pressure regulators are fragile. They deserve to be protected, which is why there are different models depending on what the user will use them for (workshop or site).

Three main models of pressure regulators stand out on the market:

  • The single pressure regulator: These have a brass body comprising two separate pressure gauges protected by a neoprene rubber casing. It is suitable for careful users, ideal for artisans, and good handy people.
  • The compact pressure regulator: This comes with a single double reading manometer (upstream and downstream pressure), brass body, and a neoprene cover. A little more sophisticated, it can memorize user-defined presets.
  • The armored pressure regulator is designed for intensive use on construction sites. Its robust construction, including a one-piece brass casing, is coated with dense rubber and protects the pressure gauges in the event of an impact.

Do not forget to reset the pressures to zero at the end of the task. The internal membranes are fragile.

If you weld or cut with a torch supplied by two gases (example: oxygen/acetylene), you should know that you have in your hands a device for mixing two sensitive fluids.

In addition to the perfect condition in which the torch must be, there are risks inherent to operating pressures.

There is no need to open the gas bottles fully! 1/4 turn is enough to release the pressure, and in the event of a problem, the tap can be closed quickly.


The pipes (flexible hoses) must comply with safety standards, color, marking, and maximum pressure (generally 20 bars). The lifespan is not specified. They are changed at least every 5 years and sooner if they are damaged.

The blue color is reserved for oxygen and the red for acetylene.

Common hose sections

  • 6.3 mm x 11 mm: This is practical for connecting a small torch and has ease of use. For example, a short length of hose, 1 m, 6.3 x 11 can be installed on a small torch and connected to the main 10 x 17 hose with quick couplers.
  • 10 mm x 17 mm: This is for the connection to the bottles and connection to the large torch or the cutter.

Twin gas hoses (blue and red) are also sold. You do not have to put the pipes together with adhesive. This is usually not recommended. If a pipe is damaged, both must be changed, and in the event of a fire, both will burn simultaneously.

Gas Tanks

Gas tanks may or may not be included with the torch kit. Note, however, that they have to be certified if you want to refill the cylinders.

The energy for the torch is supplied by two gas tanks: a cylinder of dissolved acetylene at 17 bar with a brown ogive and an oxygen cylinder at 195 bar with a white high-pressure cone. To weld with the torch, the pressure required for correct operation is 1.5 bar for oxygen and 0.5 bar for acetylene.

To switch from the high pressure of the gas cylinders to the aforementioned pressures required for welding or cutting, a regulator is mounted on the outlet valve of each gas of specific pressure. This device consists of two pressure gauges, one indicating the pressure upstream of the gas cylinder and the other, the downstream pressure (towards the torch).

Acetylene or Propane

Most of the torches can use propane and acetylene. However, propane or natural gas can be used instead of acetylene. In this case, the pressure will be increased by 20% due to the lower heating power of these gases.

The key requirement for the gases is the flame temperature. The speed of ignition and flame output must be high, and these depend on the ratio of mixing of the gases with oxygen.

Acetylene performs well in this regard than ethane or methane. However, acetylene may explode at a pressure of about 2 bars with a working temperature of more than 300 degrees celsius. Hence, the pressure must be limited to 1.5 bar with the bottle temperature not exceeding 300 degrees.

However, propane is not as sensitive to temperature and pressure and is stored in a liquid state, allowing for larger storage quantities.

How do you start an acetylene torch?

First, the gas pressures must be set with the valves open and inserted into a control manometer. Now you can adjust the heating flame. First, you open the oxygen valve on the burner fully and the acetylene valve slightly.

The mixture of oxygen and acetylene is now ignited, and then the acetylene excess is adjusted. The fuel gas is now throttled until a neutral flame is created.

Finally, the cutting oxygen valve is opened, and you can adjust the flame until it is neutral. The jet of cutting oxygen must flow cylindrical and straight from the nozzle and must not flutter. The heating flame should now surround the oxygen jet. 


Metal objects are difficult to split. However, when this situation arises, it is not easy to put the two divided blocks together as one would for wood or textile. So, this is when the oxygen-acetylene torch becomes useful. It is a device that allows to cut and weld metal.

Its role is to direct the gases towards the surface to be welded. The triple combination of carbon that occurs during combustion produces a flame extra powerful up to 3100 ° C.

However, to have a quality result with such a torch, it would be necessary to choose the right one, taking into account of course its size, its power, the selling price, and its reliability.

However, by following our guide or picking from our list of the 5 best cutting torch kits, you will have a great flame cutting torch in your hand, whether for a hobby, professional, medium-duty, or heavy-duty use.


How long do portable cutting torches last?

Portable oxyacetylene cutting torches will last for 20 to 30 minutes, depending on the use. However, an industrial tank filled with argon gas of around 250 cubic feet can last for up to 10 hours.

What are the two types of cutting torches?

The two types of cutting torches are the high-pressure cutting torch and the low-pressure cutting torch. The low-pressure cutting torch is recommended for professionals and high-pressure ones are for inexperienced users and those working in difficult conditions.

What kind of torch do you use to cut metal?

The oxyacetylene flame cutting torch is excellent for safely cutting metal. Unlike the welding torch, the gases are mixed in the cutting head (cutting nozzle).
The heating pressures are adjusted with the oxygen (blue) and acetylene (red) valves then the oxygen is delivered at high pressure (3 to 7 bars) by a flush actuated by a trigger on the top of the flame cutter.