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The 7 Best 110V MIG Welders for Beginners and Hobbyists

Beginners and hobbyists can benefit from MIG welders in numerous ways. For example, they are easy to learn to operate and control (especially when welding thinner metals) and produce cleaner welds than stick welders.  Moreover, as an added convenience, the same device can also be used for dual shield welding.

If you’re just starting out in welding, a 110v MIG welder is a great choice. They are easy to use and relatively affordable, making them an excellent option for beginners. 110v MIG welders are also smaller and more portable than their 220v counterparts, making them easy to move and store.

Here are 7 of the best 110v MIG welders.

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In this guide, I discuss:

  • Reasons why MIG welders are ideal for beginners
  • How to choose the best 110V MIG welders for beginners
  • The best 110V MIG welders on the market today.
Picture of a man welding with a 110v mig welder.

6 Reasons MIG Welders are Ideal for Beginners

MIG welders are popular for both beginner and experienced welders because they’re easy to set up and learn to use. MIG stands for “metal inert gas,” These welders use an electrode made of wire fed through a gun.

If you’re interested in learning how to weld, you may wonder which type of welding machine is best for you. In this section, I make my argument that MIG welders are the best choice for beginner welders.

Faster work with minimum hassles

One of the most important benefits of using MIG for beginners is that there is no need to change rods or clean away slag. You also don’t need to brush the weld repeatedly since the result is usually very clean, which can encourage beginners.

Easier to learn

The beauty of MIG welding lies in its simplicity. Beginners and DIY hobbyists can earn MIG welding in a few hours. Some expert trainers even claim to teach MIG within 20-25 minutes to people who have never welded before. MIG’s point-and-shoot process is definitely a massive benefit over TIG which can take days to master.

Beautiful welds

MIG welding also results in a cleaner and more elegant weld. This, combined with its simplicity, encourages beginners to keep trying to perfect their results.

Less splatter

Unlike stick welding, MIG welding does not produce any splatter. There is no slag to remove, which allows welders to speed up their jobs. The efficiency and productivity can drastically improve with the process.

Hands-free welding

As there is a continuously fed wire, a beginner can use both hands when welding with a MIG. This gives better control as well as improved productivity.


MIG welding is versatile and can be used for welding various metals, including aluminum, copper, magnesium, silicon, bronze, etc., of varying thicknesses. It is also suitable for thin sheet and thick section components.

4 Key Reasons 110v welders are ideal for beginners.

Regarding welders, there are a few different options to choose from. However, for beginners, 110v welders are often the best choice. Here are a few reasons why:

  • First of all, 110v welders are relatively inexpensive. This is important because it means you can start without making a significant investment. Most 220v units are priced significantly higher than 110v models.
  • 110v welders are typically smaller and lighter than other welders, making them easier to maneuver and less likely to cause injuries. Many models weigh less than 15 lbs, making them easy to take with you and store.
  • 110v welders tend to be less powerful than other welders, which means they are less likely to cause damage to materials.
  • 110v welders into a standard household socket. Many households don’t have 220 outlets where you may need to set up your welding machine. Recently, I bought a new 220v machine, and since I didn’t have a 220v outlet where I wanted to put my welder, I had to replace a breaker and run new wires.

Overall, 110v welders are an excellent choice for anyone who is just starting. They are affordable, easy to use, and relatively safe. So if you’re considering getting a welder, check out the 110v models first.

7 Best 110 V MIG Welders for Beginners

If you’re looking for a MIG welder for beginners, here are 7 of the best options available. Each of these welders offers an easy-to-use interface, adjustable settings, and smooth welds.

Forney Easy Weld 261, 140 FC-i Welder, 120V, Green

Forney Easy Weld 261

Forney Easy Weld is indeed easy to learn to use. Its versatility allows you to use it as a MIG, TIG, and stick welder with a few adjustments.

The portable and lightweight welder weighs slightly less than 20 lb. This makes it easy to carry around for repairs, maintenance, hobbies, etc. You can use it for various tasks like DIY projects, farm and ranch maintenance, automotive, etc. The unit is fully customizable and set up for MIG tasks. 

It has a range of up to 120 V input and 140 Amp output. The impressive flux core capable welder can also handle 2 and 10 lb. pounds of wire.

Forney’s infinite voltage and wire feed speed control let you dial in the perfect weld each time.

In addition to its ease of use, the Forney Easy Weld is rugged and durable. So, you can put it to heavy-duty use.


  • It has a current range of 10-140 A
  • 18 x 12 x 8.1 inches with a weight of 19 lb.


  • Rugged and durable
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Easy to use


  • Tricky to get a large spool of wire into it 

How it compares

Forney Easy Weld is indeed easy to set up and use for beginners. It is rugged and durable and produces clean welds. It is versatile and can also be used for TIG and stick welding. The price is affordable.

TOOLIOM Aluminum MIG Welder 250A 110V/220V Dual Voltage MIG/Lift TIG/Stick 3 in 1 Welding Machine

Tooliom Aluminum Dual Voltage MIG Welder

Tooliom Dual Voltage MIG Welder is an excellent choice for DIY home repair enthusiasts and hobbyists. It comes with everything you need to get started and is also multip-purpose. You can use it for MIG, TIG, gas, and stick welding. 

The versatile machine works with a spool gun and various wires like 0.40”, 0.35”, etc. Moreover, its dual voltage makes it easy to use in multiple places.


  • Gas MIG/flux MIG/Stick/Lift TIG etc
  • Can weld aluminum
  • Dual voltage 110V/220V
  • Input current 34.8A for 110V and 25.5 for 220 V
  • Duty cycle 60 to 100% 
  • Compatible with spool gun with euro connector and with WP-17V 35-50 


  • Multi-functional can weld aluminum
  • Very beginner-friendly
  • Suitable for solid, aluminum, or flux wires
  • Perfect for home DIY and general repairs
  • Big enough to handle 2 pounds (D100) and 10 pounds (D200) rolls of wire


Challenging to run stick on 110 V.

How it compares

Tooliom Aluminum Dual Voltage MIG Welder is a great beginner-friendly welder for veterans who want a backup or a reliable unit for home repairs. It is lightweight, portable, well-built, multi-functional, and lays quality welds. It is also easy to use. Its price is worth all these features.

JEGS MIG 100 Gasless Welder - 110V AC - 20 Amps of Input Current - MIG Welder Includes Hand-Held Mask, Wire Brush, Spool of Wire, Welding Torch and One-Year Warranty - Simple Controls and Operation

JEGS MIG 100 Gasless Welder – 110V Simple Controls and Operation

Lightweight, easy to use, and extremely beginner-friendly, this MIG welder from JEGS is ready to use right out of the box for various welding operations. It also includes everything you need to get started: wire, torch, clamp, mask, etc.


  • MIG gasless welder
  • Duty cycle 10% at 70 A
  • 0.035 in. (0.9mm) Flux-Core Wire


  • Lightweight
  • Easy to use 
  • Beginner-friendly


  • It needs more straightforward instructions regarding which speed setting works for which heat setting.
  • The ground cord is short.

How it compares

JEGS MIG 100 Gasless Welder is a great welder with an affordable price. It is easy to set up and use for beginners thanks to its simple controls. It can easily weld light items cleanly.

MIG155GSV 155 AMP INVERTER MIG/STICK ARC WELDER WITH DUAL VOLTAGE 220V/110V welding machine 3 Year Warranty

WeldPro MIG155GSV 155 AMP Dual Voltage

WeldPro MIG 155GSV is a true workhorse that can work on 110V/115 V or 220/230 V. It comes complete with everything you need to get started. I know it’s the most expensive machine on my list, but it offers a lot for the price.

You can use it with 110v or 220v; it has stick capability and even comes with an IGBT inverter that protects it from overheating and overcurrent welding protection. Moreover, its unique electronic reactor circuit precisely controls the short circuit and mixed transfer resulting in better performance.

The circuit also detects when the user is welding or simply feeding wire, high current, and lack of current flow. I own a similar model; it’s the WeldPro 200 Amp multi-processor. I’ve used it for roughly a year and couldn’t be more satisfied with its performance.


  • 110/115 or 220/230 volts
  • 115V/230±15%; 30 to 155 Amp 
  •  IGBT inverter design for over heat and over current protection


  • Portable
  • Easy and ready to use
  • Electromagnetic noise-free
  • Energy saving
  • High duty cycle
  • Low spatter
  • Easier arc starting
  • Reliable customer support


  • Leads are short, but you can get longer ones
  • Drive motor for wire feed is not too strong

How it compares

Many features make the WeldPro MIG155GSV 155 AMP Dual Voltage beginner-friendly. It is easy to use with a straightforward user interface that still provides control to the user. It runs smoothly and produces clean welds.

VIVOHOME MIG Welder 130 Flux Core Wire Automatic Feed Welding Machine Portable No Gas 110V 120V AC DIY Home Welder w/Free Mask Yellow


VIVOHOME MIG welder is an excellent choice for home repairs since it prevents oxidation of the welded parts. Being powerful and efficient, it is suitable for thin sheet welding and bodywork.

The lightweight and portable VIVOHOME MIG Welder has 4-level current settings and 10-speed options. Other features like built-in storage space and overheat protection make it a  bestseller in the MIG 110V Welders category.

It also includes all the accessories you need to do the job like a pro.


  •  4 current flow settings from MIN. to 1 to 2 to MAX,
  • Stainless steel and powder coated construction to prevent rusting
  • Superior oxidation resistance
  • Resistant to heat and static buildup
  • Includes fee welding mask and a brush for cleanup


  • Great for beginners
  • Easy to use
  • Value for money


  • Poor instruction manual.

How it compares

VIVOHOME MIG Welder is a great light-duty welder for beginners. It has a robust construction and is long-lasting and durable. The unit has 10-speed settings and 4 current flow options, making it versatile for various projects. Its price is also very reasonable.

Aluminum Welder Machine 110/220V Mig Welding Equipment 210A Gas/Gasless RBM-2100D 4 in 1 2T/4T Tig Stick Mig Welding Flux Core Supports 2lbs/10lbs Wire(Need Spool Gun for Aluminum Welding)

Reboot Store RBM 2100D MIG 110V/220V Aluminum Welding Machine

The RBM2100D is a 5-in-1 versatile and multifunctional unit ideal for beginners. It has a clear control display panel with a display for current and voltage, knobs for selecting both, a spool gun working switch, and a 2T/4T selection.

RBM 2100 supports gas with 2/10 lb. pound wire. The versatile unit can weld aluminum alloy, stainless steel, copper plate, and carbon steel.


  • 110V-MIG: 60% at 30-140A
  • Sturdy sheet metal construction
  • It takes two wire sizes  (0.030 and 0.035) 
  • Built-in wire feeder
  • IGBT inverter
  • Compatible with 2 and 10 lbs wire
  • Can take up to 035″(0.8 mm) MIG solid wire(Gas) and .035″(1.0 mm) MIG FLux wire(Gasless MIG)


  • Versatile –  2T/4T, MIG, lift TIG and stick welding, as well as welding with a spool gun.
  • Intuitive and easy operation for beginners
  • Rugged and durable


  • I can do with a more descriptive manual
  • Not great for bodywork as it takes only two body sizes

How it compares

If you are a weekend welding warrior, the RBM2100D from Reboot Store is a great MIG welder at 110V. It is versatile, easy to put together, and has an intuitive and easy-to-use operation. The price is also reasonable.

ETOSHA 140Amp MIG Welder, Flux Core Welder AC 110V Gasless Welding Machine with IGBT Inverter, Automatic Wire Feed Welders Portable Metal Welder No Gas 110 Voltage 140A Compact Welder with Welding Gun

ETOSHA 140Amp MIG Welder 110V 

ETOSHA MIG welder features an automatic adjustment feature that means you do not have to adjust the working voltage and feeder speed. 

It is also a reliable and stable unit with an IGBT inverter that ensures reduced splattering, deep penetration, and good formation.


  • Lightweight 14.77lbs.
  • High efficiency 0.030/0.035in flux core wire. 
  • 140 A output
  • Handles 2.2-pound rolls of wire.


  • Portable with an ergonomic handle – easy to carry
  • Versatile with wide applications

How it compares

ETOSHA MIG welder is easy for beginners or anyone learning to weld.  Simply plug in the power cord and choose the right thickness. Everything else is synergic and adjusts automatically. Its low price makes it a valuable gift for DIY hobbyists or weekend welding warriors.

Picture of a MIG welder gun

How to Choose the Right 110v Welder for your Needs?

Here are some factors to consider when selecting a 110v MIG welder for your needs:


MIG Welders can fall into a variety of price categories. The cheaper models cost less than $200, whereas high-end models cost over $1000. If budget concerns you, you can go for affordable but low-power units like Forney Easy Weld 261. For under $300, the Forney is a reliable unit best suited for beginners in welding.

Amp Rating

The Amp output rating indicates the welder’s power and heat output. The higher the rating, the better since it lets you do bodywork or weld thicker metals. On the downside, a higher Amp rating could also mean a more expensive unit.

Duty cycle

This indicates how long the welder can run before it overheats. So, a 60% duty cycle means it can run for around 6 minutes before you need to stop.

Accessories included

Beginners may want to consider this factor when selecting a 110V MIG welder. Ensure the unit has everything needed to get started: torches, power adapters, welding masks, hoses, etc. You certainly don’t want to go hunting around for these.

Ease of use

All beginners and DIY enthusiasts need to consider the welder’s ease of use. If you’re shopping online, check out the reviews. If possible, get word-of-mouth recommendations from fellow welders to make the right choice.

Wrapping Up – Best 110V MIG Welders for Beginners and Hobbyists

A good 110V MIG welder can be helpful for welding projects in and around the house. When selecting a MIG welder, the budget should not be your only concern. You may also want to look at the welder’s Amp rating, duty cycle, accessories included, ease of setting up and use, and other features that can make the project go smoothly without hassles.

Based on this, we recommend the Forney Easy Weld 261 since it is easy to use, lightweight, portable, and beginner-friendly. Other options like the Tooliom Aluminum Dual Voltage MIG Welder, VIVOHOME MIG Welder, and WeldPro MIG155GSV are also reliable bestsellers in the 110V MIG welders category. 

Below is a helpful YouTube video with tips and trips for using a MIG welder.

FAQs – Best 110V MIG Welders for Beginners and Hobbyists

What can you weld on a 110V MIG welder?

You can do a lot of thin sheet welding projects, house repairs, farm, ranch repairs, etc., with a 110V MIG welder.

Are 110v stick welders any good?

Yes, 110v stick welders are good. You can produce a nice bead with one; however, don’t expect to quickly weld thick metal. Overall 110v welders are good machines that are convenient to use and lightweight.

How thick can a metal 110V MIG weld?

Good MIG welders can weld up to 1/8th inch steel at 140 Amps.

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