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AHP AlphaTIG 200X Welder: In-Depth Review

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AHP AlphaTIG 200X

If you are a welder, the most critical tool in your arsenal is your welding machine. These machines are the backbone of your project, and if the welding machine is not up to scratch, it can ruin all your hard work.

Finding the right model for your job is not easy, unlike what many would like you to believe. The market is full of several brands, with each one claiming that its products are the best for you.

However, after testing, and consulting reviews from other users, we believe that the AlphaTIG 200X from AHP is one of the best you can buy today.

The AlphaTIG 200X and AlphaTIG 201DX are welding machines from AHP. Are these products worth your time and money? What is it best for? What are the features, pros, and cons?

These questions and more will be answered in this AHP AlphaTIG 200X and AHP AlphaTIG 201DX review. Therefore, read on to find out why we highly recommend these welding machines.

First, let’s consider the AHP AlphaTIG 200X.

Overview of the AHP AlphaTIG 200X

The AlphaTIG 200X comes with superior inverter technology that is combined with PMW and IGBT. You can use the 200X on metal and aluminum materials with remarkable success. It comes in a compact and portable design that allows you to carry it from place to place without any hassles.

Considering the price, it offers unrivaled welding performance among its contemporaries. Some of the new technology it has include pulse width modulated inverter and AC frequency control. To compare it to other machines check out the TIG welders sold on Amazon.

Features of the AlphaTIG 200X

Here is a rundown of some of the essential features of this welding machine:

  • Dimensions: 22″ x 20″ x 9″
  • A duty cycle of 60% at 200A for TIG welding, and 35% at 155A for stick
  • Input voltage: 110V/220V
  • Stick and TIG process type
  • 50 pounds of weight


The 200X is a tungsten-inert gas welder. As a result, it delivers impeccable results when used on a rather wide variety of materials. Some of the best materials to use it on including the following:

  • Aluminum
  • Stainless steel
  • Alloy steel
  • Thin-gauge materials

Unlike previous models, the 200X features a pulse feature. This function is particularly useful for welding. It allows you to adjust the amount of heat generated. Hence, thin materials that might be destroyed by large amounts of heat can be welded with ease.

Additionally, it is possible to use the welding machine in AC or DC mode. You can also use it as a stick welder.

The 200X is very easy and straightforward to use. To use the aforementioned AC and DC mode, all you need to do is to press the button on the front panel of the welding machine.

Using the AlphaTIG 200X for TIG welding is especially impressive as it leaves a professional-looking result. It creates a smooth arc that elevates the quality of your welding.

Considering the price, it is a truly impressive device. When we used it as a stick welder, we observed that it welds 6013 and other common rods easily.


Although the AlphaTIG 200X is primarily used for TIG welding, as the name implies, it is still a versatile welder that can be used for other welding modes. You can stick weld with it whenever the situation arises. For example, you might have to work outdoors, or you might not require the unique quality obtained from TIG welding.

When used as a stick welder, we observed that the arc produced is very smooth, and there is very little splatter.

Design and Construction

The AlphaTIG 200X isn’t a particularly good-looking welding device. It comes with a basic design. It comes in a rectangular shape and stands tall in the workshop. However, most folks that will be getting this device will be getting it for the functionality, not for its looks.

It is well-constructed, and you can rest assured that you will use it for a long time. It is made of hard plastic and metal parts. Hence, it will survive drops and bumps.


One of the essential considerations when choosing a welder is portability. This AHP TIG welder weighs 50 pounds. Hence, while this is by no means a lightweight machine, it isn’t too heavy to be carried around.

Aside from the relatively lightweight design, it is easy to carry around since it is a 110V machine. Most outlets are 110V outlets; hence, you can move it around without much concern about finding a means of powering it.

Best Features

If you are a DIY enthusiast or a professional who works in a commercial capacity, you will likely enjoy this welding machine. We love the sturdy, durable design that keeps the machine safe from external damage

Another great feature is the convenient start. Within a few seconds, the machine is up and running.

Lastly, although it is a TIG welder, it is a decent stick welding machine. During our testing, we observed that it could use the sticks and rods necessary for stick welding.

What is the AlphaTIG 200X best for?

As we pointed out earlier in the article, this welder is relatively easy to carry around. Hence, if you work in a garage or small workshop, you find it handy. If your project requires moving the welder about, you will surely appreciate the lightweight nature of this welder.

As a dual-purpose welder (TIG and Stick), it can be used by amateur and professional welders. Due to the technology it uses, this welder produces excellent and highly precise welds and is great for times you want to create a smooth weld.


  • Highly versatile and flexible welding machine
  • AC and DC capability is convenient
  • Easy to switch on and off
  • Can be used for several hours without overheating
  • Relatively quiet performance


  • We observed that the regulator isn’t well calibrated
  • Misleading display screen, especially with regards to amperage

Warranty Information

As with all AHP products, the Alpha TIG 200X has a warranty of three years. If your machine fails within this period, it will be repaired, or you will be issued a new one.

Overview of the AlphaTIG 201DX

If you are in the market for a high-quality TIG welder, you will agree that finding the right one can be hard. Thankfully, there are excellent options on the market. One of these options you have is the AlphaTIG 201DX.

This welder is heads and shoulders above several of the welders on the market. We have considered the 200X, which is the predecessor of the 201DX. Now, we will consider why we view the 201DX as one of the top-rated welders you can buy right now.

The 200X we reviewed above is an excellent option and does an excellent welding job. However, the 201DX takes things up a notch. The 200X comes with an inverter technology that is combined with PMW and IGBT.

The AlphaTIG 201DX retains all the good of this earlier model and adds some improvements. Some of the new functions you will find on the 201DX include the ability to customize AC frequency and balance.

Additionally, the tungsten lifespan is extended. It is also possible to control this welder remotely through the 2T/4T sequencer switch. Overall, it is an incredible piece of technology that is sure to elevate your welding experience.

Abilities of the Welder

The 201DX is similar to the AlphaTIG 200X with regards to its welding capabilities. Using this welding machine, you can easily weld materials ranging from aluminum to stainless steel, and alloy steel.

Interestingly, you can even use it on metals of varying thickness. You can also use it for 6013 steel rods. Like its predecessor, it features a pulse function.

What this function does is it allows you to customize and adjust the heat output based on the material you are working on. Additionally, you can use it in AC and DC modes.

Design and Construction

The AlphaTIG 201DX doesn’t come with bells and whistles. The only concession to ornamentation is the yellow panel by the sides of the machine. Aside from this, it is as plain a welding machine as any other. The design is straightforward and looks ready for business.

Weighing 50 pounds, it is relatively lightweight and portable.

It has a durable design, which includes a metal case and thick plastic protecting the buttons on the front panel. Therefore, if you accidentally drop anything on the machine, you can rest assured that it will not be damaged.

Furthermore, because of the thick plastic cover on the buttons, you can work without hindrance and worry that you might mistakenly press the buttons on the front panel.


The 201DX costs under $1000, but is still somewhat expensive. Nevertheless, when the features and advantages are considered, it is worth the price.

It comes with impressive technology and features that will assist you in completing your task efficiently. It might not look reliable or durable, but a test is what you need to jettison such a view.

Whether thick materials or thin materials, you can rest assured that this welder will do its job.

Advantages of the AHP Welder

While AHP might not be a very popular option in the welding world, the company is at the forefront of several innovations. Every year, the company releases models that come with upgrades that make them strong contenders for the best welders on the market. Here are some of the top benefits of this welder.

Pulse Control

When welding thin metals, for example, aluminum, this feature comes in really handy. To use this function, you can either activate it through the foot pedal or by the torch button. You can also use it by customizing the welder settings.

This function is underrated, but from our testing, we realize how useful it is for welders. Some of the uses of pulse control are discussed below.

Heat Control

By using this function, you will have precise control over the amount of heat generated by the welder. It controls the amperage and makes sure you achieve optimum temperature for specific tasks.

Better Results

TIG welding usually presents beautiful results, and the pulse feature elevates this aspect. By using the pulse function, you will have the ability to gauge the right amount of filler metal.


For folks that are welding in an enclosed space, using the pulse feature will make their job easier. Since you don’t have plenty of space to move around, the pulse function is an excellent way to manage space and achieve desired results.

Advanced Inverter Technology

You might wonder what these terms mean and how they impact your welding performance. The AHP TIG welder uses this technology to great success. By using PWM and IGBT technology, the welder can deliver a steady output of power of up to 210A.

All this power is contained in a compact and lightweight machine. By using advanced inverter technology, it is more efficient and uses less power than the average machine.

PWM $ IGBT Technology

We have discussed how the AHP TIG welder successfully uses advanced inverter technology. Well, by incorporating this technology with PWM and IGBT technology, you will have a truly formidable and efficient machine.

PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) is a technology that allows you to use pulse technology to full effect. By using PWM, you will be able to customize the length of time the current remains high during welding.

IGBT (Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor) technology is an excellent technology that raises the performance of your machine. It functions by storing energy from the outlet and then distributes this stored power to the parts that require it. It prevents wastage and enhances efficiency.

Adaptable start

The TIG welder can be started using a variety of methods. For welders, High-frequency, lift, and scratch methods are the primary means of starting the machine.

Interestingly, the AlphaTIG 200X and 201DX use all three methods.

Hence, starting the machine is very straightforward and easy.

Stable Arc

The arc produced by the AHP TIG welder is one of the best arcs you will find. The arc is stable and produces stunning welding results.

Cons of the AHP TIG Welder

  • The welder’s accessories are rather disappointing
  • It is difficult to install


The AHP AlphaTIG 200X is an excellent welder that combines power, price, and portability. It can weld a wide variety of materials of varying thicknesses. It also grants you unrivaled control of the welding process. If you seek an excellent TIG welder with stick welding capabilities, look no further than this superb option.

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