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About Us

Thanks for visiting The Welding Pro, your authority resource for everything to do with welding.

Our mission is to provide you with the best information on the market pertaining to all things radio controlled. We work hard to bring you the most in-depth reviews so you make a buying decision you can be happy with.

Our Editorial staff has welding experience all over the continental United States. We hope that our site gives you a little bit more information on how to make your next weld an easy one.

Where we get our information:

  1. Personal use of products: Many of the products we provide information about have been used or tested first hand by our editorial staff.
  2. First-hand experience in the welding world: Our contributors have been to the places or done the things that we write about.
  3. Forum, Reviews and other Data: For the products that have not been used first hand, our writers aggregate content to summarize the experience of real users.
  4. We do not take paid product promotions directly from Merchants or have affiliate relationships directly with merchants.  We either buy the product ourselves with our own budget or find information from other people that have used the product after purchasing it on their own.

Affiliate Relationships:

We have an affiliate relationship with This means we earn a commission when you purchase a product on after clicking one of the Amazon links on our website.  This helps us pay our contributors and pays the bills to maintain the website.

If you have a product that you’d like reviewed that is not sold on, we would be happy to review it for you if you provide the product to us free of cost with the understanding we will provide an objective review. You can reach us on our contact page for more information.